Richard Dean Anderson

beirat-richard-dean-andersonRichard Dean Anderson is a well-known and respected professional actor of television, film and live theatre. Although best known for his roles in the hit TV series General Hospital and MacGyver, he has won critical acclaim for film work in Ordinary Heroes, In the Eyes of a Stranger, and Beyond Betrayal.

His successful production company, Gekko Film Corp, has produced several movies for television, in addition to the TV series Legend for UPN. He is currently the executive producer and star of the science fiction series Stargate SG-1 filmed in Vancouver British Columbia.

A philanthropist, Richard Dean  has generously given his time to organizations such as the Make A Wish Foundation, Challengers Boys and Girls Club, Multiple Sclerosis Society, Project Literacy US and the Special Olympics. A former hockey athlete, he is one of the founders of the Celebrity All Star Hockey team who play in NHL cities throughout the country for charity. In 1988 and 1992, he was chosen to be the honorary captain of Team USA, the Olympic hockey team. For decades, Richard Dean has been an active environmentalist with deep concerns about wildlife and marine habitat conservation issues. As well as his involvement with SSCS, Richard Dean is producing "The River Project" a series of documentaries on the great rivers of the world.

Linda Blair

beirat-linda-blairActress, humanitarian, human & animal rights activist and equestrian Linda Blair counts herself as Paul Watson and Sea Shepherd's number one fan.

She has also been for many years one of the best friends the animals have in the world of entertainment.

A lifetime dream of Ms. Blair was realized when she founded WorldHeart during the summer of 2003.

The specific purposes of WorldHeart is to teach and disseminate educational material related to safe and loving animal adoption, animal care, animal welfare, and the relation of these topics to individuals' personal welfare .

"We want to create a peaceful and harmonious world community that is a proponent of healthy, sensible living. Our primary goal is to improve the quality of life for people and animals alike."

Linda Blair, the President and Founder of WorldHeart, is an Academy Award Nominee, and the proud winner of The Golden Globe and People's Choice Award, and the recipient of Peta's Humanitarian Award, Animal Rights 2001 Celebrity Advocate of the Year, and, most recently, the prestigious Helen Woodward Animal Centers 2003 Humane Award.

In addition to her many acting accomplishments, Ms. Blair is a well-known and respected Animal Rights Advocate, and the author of the book "Going Vegan!"

Berkeley Breathed

beirat-berkeley-breathedPulitizer Prize-winning cartoonist Berkeley Breathed is the creator of Bloom County, Outland, and Opus that feature such beloved characters as Bill the Cat, Opus, and Steve Dallas. He is also the author of numerous cartoon collection and children's books.

Berkeley has utilized his skills over the years to draw attention to issues concerning animals and the environment. Through the media of cartoons, he has been able to deliver messages of awareness and compassion to tens of millions of people around the world.

In 1989, Berkeley painted his character Opus on the side of the Sea Shepherd II in Key West, Florida. He also contributes his artwork to the Sea Shepherd Log, and recently created the "Seal of Approval" to bring awareness to the Canadian seal slaughter.

Pierce Brosnan

beirat-pierce-brosnan"Paul Watson risks life and limb in the fight to save whales and ocean life."
-Pierce Brosnan

Pierce Brosnan is a leader in global environmental causes, and has been a key participant in Sea Shepherd campaigns to protect marine mammals. With environmental journalist Keely Shaye Smith, he headed the international effort by the Natural Resources Defense Council to prevent corporate environmental destruction of Mexico's San Ignacio Lagoon, the last pristine breeding grounds of the Eastern Pacific gray whale. He also played a major role in the effort that ended France's atomic testing in the South Pacific.

Brosnan's documentary appeal of behalf of dolphin protection has been seen on theater and television screens around the world.

In 1997, Green Cross International President Mikhail Gorbachev presented him with the Environmental Leadership Award, citing him as "a truly committed leader whose bold actions and clear voice have been instrumental in marine mammal protection, as well as that of fragile ecosystems."

Brosnan recently starred in the film "Gray Owl," the true story of the extraordinary Canadian Indian whose adventurous life helped launch environmental activism.

Paul Brown

beirat-paul-brownPaul Brown is the founder and President of Legends in Time Memorabilia Inc. (Legends), a leader in the global memorabilia industry.

In 1995, Paul established Legends and quickly positioned the company as an industry leader in the global market for autographed memorabilia. His vision for Legends was prompted when he received an original handwritten letter by Charles Dickens, which is among his most memorable pieces in his personal collection. By offering some of the most unique memorabilia and collectibles and providing first-class customer service, Legends successfully tapped into this emerging market by specializing in historical, music and movie memorabilia. In 2001, Legends successfully launched an international movie props and memorabilia asset sales program for film studios that opened the world of movie memorabilia to people around the world. What was once a hobby has become a successful enterprise for Paul and his family, who now serve a client base that has reached 77 countries around the world and who are recognized across the industry for passion, innovation, and superior client experience.

The most recent venture for Legends has been a series of public projects and events with Richard Dean Anderson where proceeds of his autograph sales are distributed to various charities, including the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS). Through these ventures, Paul has gained a new respect and admiration for the organization's commitment to environmental and ecological issues around the globe. This ultimately led to Paul's introduction to Captain Paul Watson and from that point forward it is fair to say that he was 'hooked'. Today he is shaping his SSCS endeavors based upon his inspiration from Paul Watson, Richard Dean Anderson and the many devoted people that help the SSCS organization achieve its goals. His personal commitment to Sea Shepherd is driven by his belief that "the oceans and its inhabitants are ours to enjoy and ours to protect for future generations".

With the help of Richard, Paul and his family - notably his daughter Julie, who is a committed supporter of animal welfare and environmental programs - have collectively embarked on the development of fundraising events for SSCS, Following successful endeavors in Canada, this project is now expanding internationally with a focus on consumer awareness and fundraising programs, events, and a specialized memorabilia program in which treasured artifacts from various ships and campaigns will be brought to the market in support of the fundraising efforts.

Linda G. Fisher

beirat-linda-g-fisherLinda G. Fisher is a widely collected environmental visionary artist with paintings around the world. Linda's greeting cards have been purchased by the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C., The National Zoo in Washington, D.C., and also purchased by chain stores such as Macy's, Natural Wonders, Fred Meyers, and retailers across the nation.

She was born in the Midwestern United States but spent much of her childhood living and traveling in other parts of the country. An adventurous, journalist father and an artist mother afforded Linda, her older sister, and younger brother, an opportunity to visit and live in more places in their tender years than most people might see in a lifetime. Linda's artistic talent emerged in those early years as she documented her life's experiences on paper.

She went on to gain a formal art education but then rejected that training to pursue her own individuality and personal expression. In that search she was drawn to folk art and primitive art from other cultures, children's art, and the works of self-taught artists. Much like Picasso, Dubuffet, and Henri Rousseau, she found that those works were unpretentious and sincere. She now tries to capture that same honesty and creative innocence in her own personal expression as an artist.

Many of Linda's paintings are filled with unique patterns, reminiscent of ethnic beadwork and designs, flowers and foliage, and nature's colorful palette. She paints primarily with acrylics on strikingly large canvases, using bold, rich colors. Yet her paintings magically convey soft and compassionate messages. It is this exciting contrast that has established her unique identity as an artist, giving her international fame and recognition.

Linda's passion for the arts is matched only by her love for birds and animals, inspiring her to paint exciting images and ideas that are central to her vision; the true spirit of animals and man's concern about their future. She lives by her Native American Ojibway heritage. "There is an interconnectedness with all life on earth. We must respect and cherish that spirit in all things."

Adding to her list of accomplishments, Linda is also a published writer. She has written many articles regarding animal welfare, written children's stories, and is presently writing and illustrating a book about the spirit of animals. In 1986 Linda co-founded a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating school children about the humane treatment of animals and the importance of respecting wildlife habitat. In 1988 Linda founded her own nonprofit organization to promote the humane treatment of exotic birds. Linda began painting her endangered species series in 1998. A percentage of her profits are donated to animal welfare, wildlife, and environmental organizations.

Hannah Fraser (Hannah Mermaid)

beirat-hannah-fraserHannah Fraser is a professional mermaid, who creates her own functional yet highly exquisite art piece mermaid tails, and performs for film, television, music videos, large scale events, parties, and photoshoots. While Hannah has been modeling and working in film and television for over 12 years, her specialty is underwater mermaid performance. She has featured in many multi-media campaigns around the world as a mermaid.

Hannah can hold her breath for up to 2 minutes as a time and can swim to depths of over 30 feet. She has performed in top Aquariums around the world such as Siam Ocean World, Melbourne Aquarium, Sydney Aquarium, Chicago museum, numerous luxury hotels, and big events such as Coachella music festival, Woodford festival, Burning Man, Lightning in a Bottle, and many more.

Hannah travels the world speaking at events or conventions about ocean environmentalism and her experiences swimming with great white sharks, whales, seals, dolphins, turtles, manta rays, and other marine life. She has actively campaigned to end the slaughter of whales and dolphins, most notably by appearing in the Oscar winning film The Cove and also by swimming out in the bay of Taiji, Japan, during a dolphin kill, enduring attacks by Japanese fishermen as they tried to kill cetaceans.

Hannah supports Sea Shepherd because she feels they are the only group willing to go the extra mile to protect our oceans in this extremely volatile and precarious time. She facilitated the first public speech in 10 years by Paul Watson at an International Whaling Commission 2008 Chile and has appeared as a mermaid for various Sea Shepherd events.

Michael Goldschlager

beirat-michael-goldschlager"I am proud and honoured to be able to contribute in my small way to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and to be associated with Paul Watson and his gallant campaigners.

Edmund Burke famously wrote, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." Here, where politicians fail, ordinary - yet extraordinary good men and women are actively doing what needs to be done in the name of humanity.

As a musician in the public eye I have a responsibility to speak out about the things that define that humanity, and because of that, my involvement with Sea Shepherd is only natural." Michael Goldschlager

Sylvie Guillem

beirat-sylvie-guillem"If a man knows not and knows not that he knows not, shun him
If a man knows not and knows that he knows not, awaken him,
If a man knows and knows that he knows, follow him"
Arabic proverb

Reading this Arabic proverb, I immediately thought of Paul Watson. I came across Paul and his combat very late in my life. I regret the lost time spent living with my eyes shut, unaware... Now my eyes are open and I have decided to be part of the solution by supporting Sea Shepherd and not part of the problem looking away like a coward. --S Guillem

Born in Paris in 1965, Sylvie Guillem started out doing gymnastics and entered the Ecole de Danse de l'Opéra in Paris at the age of 11. Four years later, she joined the Ballet de L'Opéra. The company’s Artistic Director, Rudolf Nureyev, made her the youngest star dancer in the history of this theatre when she was only 19 years old.

Over the next 4 years, in addition to her classical repertory, she worked on choreographies by William Forsythe Bob Wilson and Maurice Béjart, amongst others.

In 1988 she resigned from her contract with the Paris Opéra and made the London Royal Ballet her main base.

Since then, Sylvie Guillem has chosen to work with modern choreographers and directors all over the world such as Mats Ek, Forsythe, Akram Khan, Russell Maliphant and Robert Lepage.

  • 1983: Gold medal at the Varna International Ballet Competition
  • 1984: The Cercle Carpeaux prize (Paris)
  • 1988: Andersen prize for best dancer (Copenhagen), National Dance Grand Prize (Paris), Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters (Paris)
  • 1989: Pavlova de la Danse grand prize from the French Ministry of Culture
  • 1993: Vermeil Medal from the City of Paris
  • 1994: Named Knight of the Order of the Legion of Honour by François Mitterrand
  • 1999: Officer of the French Order of Merit
  • 2000: Matron of Honour of the Hospitaliers de Pomerol
  • 2001: Nijinski Prize
  • 2003: Honorary Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, awarded by Queen Elizabeth II
  • 2009: Officer of the Order of the Legion of Honour
  • 2012: Golden Lion award at the Venice Biennial for lifetime achievement
  • Sylvie Guillem au travail, 52 minute documentary produced in 1988 by André S. Labarthe.
  • Guillem, 52 minute documentary produced in 2000 for Arte en 2000 by Françoise Ha Van Kern.
  • Marguerite et Armand, film produced in 2003 by Françoise Ha Van Kern.
  • Guillem on the Edge , film produced in 2009 by Françoise Ha Van Kern.

Rutger Hauer

beirat-rutger-hauerThe Netherlands' most famous actor has joined the Sea Shepherd Board of Advisors.

The star of Blade Runner, Ladyhawke, and a score of other major films is cast to play Sea Shepherd's Chief Engineer in the movie Ocean Warrior.

Rutger Hauer has been a Sea Shepherd supporter for many years. In May 1997, he personally visited Captain Paul Watson while he was being held as a prisoner at Lelystad prison in the Netherlands.

Mr. Hauer joins fellow actors Pierce Brosnan and Martin Sheen on the Sea Shepherd Advisory Board.

Pieter Kroonenburg

beirat-pieter-kroonenburgProducer Pieter Kroonenburg, co-owner of Kingsborough Pictures, Inc., has enjoyed considerable success in the film business worldwide. He is currently based in LA and Montreal.

Fluent in Dutch, French and English, and fresh out of the Amsterdam Film Academy, he became Joseph Losey's assistant on Modesty Blaise in Amsterdam and Sicily. After that, he was hired to reorganize and run the production company, Film Group One, in Amsterdam, where he produced TV commercials and documentaries. He went to Rome and landed the job of Production Manager on a series of Italian westerns. In Paris, as J. Walter Thompson's Vice President and Head of TV Production, he produced some of the best TV commercials to come out of Europe. He worked with leading directors like Hugh Hudson, Alan Parker, Tony and Ridley Scott and Adrian Lyne. He left advertising to produce Girls in Paris and The Lucky Star (starring Rod Steiger and Louise Fletcher - 3 Genies and 11 Genie nominations {Canada's Oscar}), in Montreal, and stayed to create Filmline Productions, which later became Filmline International, one of the largest production companies in Canada. That company's TV credits include Cook and Peary: Race to the Pole (Rod Steiger and Richard Chamberlain), Broken Vows (Tommy Lee Jones), Spearfield's Daughter (Christopher Plummer), Choices, Barnum (Burt Lancaster), and Ford: The Man and the Machine (Cliff Robertson). After that, he produced Bethune, The Making of a Hero, a four-hour mini-series for the CBC (starring Donald Sutherland - 5 Gemini nominations) and produced The Sound and the Silence (George C. Scott), a four-hour mini-series for TNT.

His film-producing credits for Filmline include: The Hotel New Hampshire (Jodie Foster and Beau Bridges), Heartaches (Annie Potts - 3 Genies and 7 nominations), Cross Country, Breaking All the Rules, The Blue Man (First prize Avoriaz Film Festival), Toby McTeague, Wild Thing, Le Palanquin des Larmes, and the feature film Dr Bethune (Donald Sutherland and Helen Mirren. The first co-production of a western country with China).

Since 1996, he produced (with Julie Allan) for Kingsborough Greenlight Pictures: The Call of the Wild (Rutger Hauer), Hemoglobin, For Hire (Rob Lowe and Joe Montegna), Laserhawk, Nico The Unicorn (Anne Archer), Owd Bob (James Cromwell and Colm Meany. Saskatchewan UNICEF Award of Honour), Out Of Control (Tom Conti and Sean Young), Treasure Island (Jack Palance. The Flagstaff International Film Festival GOLD AWARD), To Walk With Lions (Richard Harris and Ian Bannen - London, England, Royal Premiere - Five Genie nominations, one for Best Picture, and The American Environmental Media Award). He also produced The Intruder (Natasha Kinski and John Hannah), Hide and Seek (Jennifer Tilly and Daryl Hannah), Inferno (Ray Liotta), My Five Wives and Deceit (Debbi Mazar) for GFT Kingsborough Films.

In post-production a Canadian/Italian Co-Production, Money Flies.

In pre-production is a film about modern day buccaneer Paul Watson, cofounder of Greenpeace, now president of his own organization: the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Sean Penn is interested in playing the lead.

Also in pre-production are Chet Baker, the story of jazz legend, singer and trumpet player Chet Baker, and Forbidden City, a film to be shot in China late 2004 starring Alec Baldwin.

Rafe Mair

beirat-rafe-mairThe Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is honored to welcome distinguished Canadian broadcaster Rafe Mair to our Board of Advisers. Mr. Mair hosts the most influential radio talk show in British Columbia. The Rafe Mair show airs every morning CKBD 600AM --

Mr. Mair was formerly the British Columbia Minister of Health, and before that was B.C.'s most progressive Minister of the Environment. A long-time supporter of Sea Shepherd, in 1981 he interviewed Captain Paul Watson on the air live during a tense Sea Shepherd confrontation with the Soviet Navy off the coast of Siberia.

Sean Penn

beirat-sean-pennThe Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is honoured to have Sean Penn as an Advisory Board member. Sean has become a good friend to Captain Paul Watson and they have been spending time since September 2003 working on a project together.

Sean Penn is undeniably one of the most incredibly talented actors of his generation. He was born August 17, 1960, in Burbank, California, the second son of actress Eileen Ryan and director Leo Penn. He grew up in Santa Monica and Malibu. Penn's older brother, Michael, is a singer/songwriter turned director, while younger sibling Chris is a noted character actor. The children spent much of their free time together, making a number of amateur films shot with Super-8 cameras. Still, Penn's original intention was to attend law school, although he skipped college to join the Los Angeles Repertory Theater. After making his professional debut on an episode of television's Barnaby Jones, he relocated to New York, where he soon appeared in the play Heartland. A TV-movie, The Killing of Randy Webster, followed in 1981 before he made his feature debut later that same year in Taps.

Penn rose to stardom with 1982's Fast Times at Ridgemont High. He played the stoned surfer dude Jeff Spicoli, he stole every scene in which he appeared, and is credited with making the picture a classic of the teen comedy genre. In 1983, he starred in the prison drama Bad Boys, followed by the Louis Malle comedy Crackers and the period romantic drama Racing With the Moon. He quickly became a favorite of critics. His portrayal of a drug addict turned government spy in John Schlesinger's 1985 political thriller The Falcon and the Snowman put him firmly on the road to stardom. He next appeared in Brian DePalma's Casualties of War, followed by a turn with Robert De Niro, in the 1989 comedy We're No Angels.

After starring in the gangster movie State of Grace, Penn wrote and directed 1991's The Indian Runner, a film inspired by a Bruce Springsteen song. After portraying a troubled attorney in the 1993 DePalma thriller Carlito's Way, Penn announced his intention to retire from acting in order to focus his full attentions on directing. After directing 1995's The Crossing Guard with Jack Nicholson and Anjelica Huston, he was back onscreen, winning an Academy Award nomination for his gut-wrenching portrayal of a death-row inmate in Tim Robbins' Dead Man Walking. In 1997, Sean starred opposite second wife Robin Wright in Nick Cassavetes' She's So Lovely -- roles which won both Robin and Sean tributes at the Cannes Film Festival -- he also appeared in the David Fincher thriller The Game and in Oliver Stone's U-Turn. He found further acclaim the following year for his roles in the adaptation of David Rabe's Hurlyburly and Terrence Malick's The Thin Red Line. In 1999, he had a cameo appearance in Being John Malkovich and earned his second Oscar nomination as a callous 1930s jazz guitarist in Woody Allen's Sweet and Lowdown, while 2000's adaptation of Anita Shreve's novel The Weight of Water starred Penn as a poet embroiled in a small town murder mystery. In 2001, Penn would play a fame-craving impressionist in The Beaver Trilogy, serve as narrator in director Stacy Peralta's skateboarding award winning documentary Dogtown and Z-Boys, and direct the psychological drama The Pledge, which marked Penn's second collaboration with Jack Nicholson. In 2002, Penn would once again win critical praise with his Oscar-nominated portrayal of a developmentally disabled man struggling to retain custody of his daughter in I Am Sam.

After the 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, the politically active actor's outspoken political views garnered a great deal of attention from right-wing pundits, including the ridiculously pseudo objective Bill O'Reilly, who found himself on the defensive from Penn's animosity in a controversial interview with Talk magazine. Though O'Reilly demanded his viewers boycott any of Penn's future films, it only served to make him more popular. In 2002, Penn directed a segment in cooperation with another Sea Shepherd Advisory Board member, Jacques Perrin of Galatee Films. The production of the uniquely inspired French film 9'11 01, had Sean Penn producing the American perspective for the film.

In 2003, Sean participated in two small, but critically acclaimed films--Michael Almereyda's documentary This So Called Disaster and Alejandro González Iñárritu's low-key urban drama 21 Grams -- while managing to claim yet another Hollywood success in actor-director Clint Eastwood's highly lauded Mystic River. In 2004, it was this third film that garnered Penn his fourth Academy Award nomination and, ultimately, his first win. The Oscar, coupled with a standing ovation by the audience, showed once and for all that Penn's unorthodox approach to his acting career hasn't had an adverse effect on his popularity.

Sean Penn is an activist who happens to be an actor. His participation in human rights and environmental issues has been influential. Sean understands the incredible media power he has as an actor and the responsibility he has to use some of that power to make this a better world.

Jacques Perrin

beirat-jacques-perrinGalatée Films is a French film production company with its headquarters at 92, rue Jouffroy d'Abbans, in the 17th district of Paris, a stone's throw from the Arc de Triomphe. The company bears the stamp of its CEO, Jacques Perrin, a free man who steadfastly rejects routine.

Jacques Perrin first became known to French and international mainstream audiences as an actor. He owed his first main roles to the Italian director, Valerio Zurlini, who won the Golden Lion in Venice for his movie Family Diary. Acclaimed in Italy , Jacques Perrin went on to play more and more exacting roles there under directors Vittorio de Seta and Mauro Bolognini. Before long, a variety of other, very dissimilar film directors including Pierre Schoendoerffer, Costa Gavras, Jacques Ruffio and Jacques Demy were casting him in their films, in which he came to epitomize the young romantic lead-army lieutenant, Prince Charming or dashing young sailor-for a whole generation of movie-goers.

But fame did not go to his head, nor diminish his determination to "do the things he likes." At the age of only 27, he started up his own production company and caused a sensation with Z, a film produced in partnership with Algeria , directed by Costa Gavras and starring such celebrity actors as Yves Montand, Jean-Louis Trintignant and François Périer. Z was a worldwide hit and won the Hollywood Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. This was the start of a fruitful working partnership with Costa Gavras, with whom Jacques Perrin produced State of Siege (1973) about the Tupamaros in Latin America and Special Section (1975) about the special tribunals set up in France during World War Two.

The subjects he picks are bold but he always puts quality first. In 1970 he produced a romantic medieval drama, Blanche, by Polish director Walerian Borowczyk starring Michel Simon, followed by a courageous documentary directed by Yves Courrière and Philippe Monnier, The Algerian War, which raised an intense debate in France . He produced another montage documentary, The Spiral, in 1974, this time about Chile , a film that endeavors to figure out what happened between the election of Salvador Allende as President of Chile on September 4th, 1970 , and his assassination on September 11th, 1973.

Free-spirited, brave and idealistic, Jacques Perrin has never balked at the years of work demanded by certain film projects. At the same time, he refuses to listen to talk of "unreasonable" projects. If a film becomes a mainstream hit, so much the better, but first and foremost, Jacques Perrin follows his heart. This led him to win his second Oscar for Best Foreign Film in 1976 with Black and White in Color, a film with a deliberately philosophical storyline directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud, who was an up-and-coming advertising filmmaker at the time. He followed this in 1977 with The Desert of the Tartars, adapted from a bleak, angst-ridden novel by Dino Buzzati, with a star-studded cast including Vittorio Gassman, Philippe Noiret, Laurent Terzieff, Jean-Louis Trintignant and Max von Sydow. The movie left him with debts but a great deal of pride and won the Grand Prize for French Cinema.

Over the next few years he produced numerous films of widely different styles and inspirations: Adoption, directed by Marc Grunebaum in 1978; The Roaring Forties by Christian de Chalonge in 1981, The Monkey Folk by Gérard Vienne in 1988; Médecins des hommes (six episodes produced for television) also in 1988; Out of Life, a film about the war in Lebanon directed by Maroun Bagdadi in 1990 (winner of the Cannes Festival Jury Prize); Guelwaar, about African identity and its rejection of first-world compassion, directed in 1992 by Ousmane Sembene; Erythrée, 30 ans de solitude, a documentary by Didier Martiny about the civil war in Eritrea; two more documentaries, Espérance and D Day, produced for the Caen Peace Memorial in 1994; The Children of Lumière about the history of French cinema in 1995... The list goes on.

His irrepressible appetite for producing unconventional movies triumphed yet again in 1996 when Microcosmos, a spectacular big-screen documentary film about insects directed by Claude Nuridsany and Marie Pérennou, was an instant smash hit in cinemas worldwide and went on to garner a slew of international prizes. In France alone it won five César awards, including that for Best Producer.

Jacques Perrin's interest in the very special domain of wildlife films dates back to 1983, when he invited Gérard Vienne, director of The Territory of Others and The Claw and the Tooth, to direct his production of The Monkey Folk, a movie that investigates the ancestral mythology of mankind. The result, an exuberant saga devoid of anthropomorphic artificiality, was released in cinemas in 1988 and accompanied by a 12-part television series.

Also in 1988, he commenced his latest production, The Traveling Birds, about birds migrating around the world. In this film, true to his principle that "all living creatures without exception, plants, animals and humans, belong to one single, gigantic family tree," Jacques Perrin turns himself into a bird in order to see the planet more clearly, from the viewpoint of a free creature who "scoffs at our tight little national boundaries." To make the film, Jacques Perrin took his cameras all over the world, from the Arctic to Patagonia and from Japan to New Zealand . He chose Libya as his partner to present the approach to the African continent and the crossing of the world's most beautiful desert.

The Traveling Birds is a hymn to nature. Before it, Jacques Perrin produced the sublimely beautiful Himalaya , l'enfance d'un chef (a.k.a. Caravan), directed by the adventurer/photographer Eric Valli, about the daily life of an aging Buddhist village chief in the remote Dolpo region of Nepal . The film came out in 1999 and was hailed for its beauty and authenticity. A worldwide hit, it was nominated for the 2000 Oscars.

For ten years, Jacques Perrin also produced and presented a weekly TV show, La 25ème heure, screened nationwide on the France 2 channel. This high-quality show was very popular with audiences and critics alike.

Dubbed "the white knight of French film production" by film critic Danièle Heymann, Jacques Perrin never looks back. "My life consists of projects," he says. "I run after them and build them. Cinema is the third eye that never sleeps."

Martin Sheen

beirat-martin-sheenTo any environmental, human rights, or peace activist - and the world at large -- Martin Sheen needs no introduction.

Martin is someone who has always been there when Sea Shepherd needed him, never moreso than in March 1995, when he was part of our crew team that went to the Magdalen Islands to bring to the seal hunters of Canada the concept of non-lethal sealing - brushing the molting white hair off baby harp seals as they molt their white coats for use as down fill and insulation. Before that could happen, the sealers mobbed the hotel where the crew was staying, screaming for Paul Watson's head. At one point, Martin walked into the mob and politely requested that they accompany him across the street to the neighboring Catholic church to try to resolve the issue peacefully.

An individual who has chosen to make a difference, Martin's status as a celebrity in a media culture has meant that the difference he makes is greatly amplified. Willing to pay the price for his convictions, he has been arrested and jailed countless times. Sea Shepherd cherishes his dedication, courage, loyalty, and compassion.

Sam Simon

beirat-sam-simonSam Simon is the acclaimed television writer, producer, and director of “Taxi,” “Cheers,” “The Tracey Ullman Show,” “The Drew Carey Show,” and “The Simpsons,” which he co-created. He is the recipient of eleven Emmys and a Peabody award. A longtime member of the National Boards of Save the Children and Peta, Sam is the founder of The Sam Simon Foundation, whose mission is to “save the lives of dogs to enrich the lives of people.” The Foundation’s Assistance Dog Program adopts dogs facing death in shelters and trains them to be certified assistance dogs, which are given free to the deaf and veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder. The Foundation also has a highly successful Mobile Spay/Neuter Clinic, which is Los Angeles’s largest provider of free spay and neuter services to the low income, and, to date, has performed over 40,000 surgeries. Once a week, the clinic also provides low income Los Angeles residents with any other free surgery needed by their pets. In 2011, Sam founded The Sam Simon Foundation: Feeding Familes, a mobile vegan food bank that will feed 150 unemployed familes a day. The Sam Simon Foundations do not accept donations and are funded entirely by Sam himself. Sam managed World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Lamon Brewster, and was named 2004 Manager of the Year by the World Boxing Organization. Sam is a frequent guest on “The Howard Stern Show” and is a champion poker player with many tournament wins and seven cashes at the World Series of Poker.

George Sumner

beirat-george-sumnerKnown for promoting environmental causes worldwide, George Sumner is an environmental impressionist painter whose unique style, attitude and talent have brought him international acclaim and the opportunity to share his vision with millions of people.

His paintings are in the public collections of the Gorbachev Foundation, Hoover Institute at Stanford University, Scripps Institute of Oceanography, the Smithsonian Institution, Hawaii Maritime Museum, Moscow University, the NASA George C. Marshall Space Flight Center and many others. He created the official paintings for the 50th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge, the 50th anniversary of the United Nations and the 100th anniversary of the Statue of Liberty.

His twenty-five years of efforts to "save the whales" through his vivid imagery has influenced a generation of marine artists and environmentalists.

Geert-Jan Vons

beirat-geert-jan-vonsVons is an artist, born in Amersfoort, the Netherlands in 1966. His work  comprises painted pallets, canvasses, and three-dimensional objects. An important driving force behind his work is his passion for water creatures-in particular, whales, dolphins, and turtles. Through his work, Vons seeks to focus attention upon the marine environment. He is self-taught as a painter. "Painting for me is nothing more or less than a manner of thinking and expressing one's self," said Vons.

Vons has studied alternative healing and medicine. He studied Sinology (Chinese) at Leiden University, where he completed his Masters of Arts degree. In 1999, Vons founded the non-profit organization WHALE WEIRDO, an individual initiative aimed principally at the artistic promotion of marine wildlife. He has written, illustrated, and published several children's books.

Vons has been involved with Sea Shepherd since 1993, has joined several campaigns, and is responsible for the creation of Sea Shepherd's artwork and  logos. At present, Vons lives in the Netherlands on the Ode, a former tugboat transformed into a whale conservation promotion vessel.

Tom Waes

beirat-tom-waesTom Waes (November 7 1968) started his career as a professional deep sea diver where he developed his passion and admiration for the oceans and marine wildlife.

In 2005 he moved on to become a well known and famous Belgian actor / TV director.

In 2008 he started his own TV Show, Tomtesterom. The intention was to pick up a challenge, to read a book about it “How to …” and then to accomplish the challenge. One of the challenges was taking part in the famous Marathon des Sables, a 250 km run through the Moroccan dessert within 6 days time. Amongst other challenges Tom built and flew his own glider and swam across the English Channel.

In 2010 he was asked to be the “publisher of the month” for a well known Belgian magazine. They called the edition “Tom” and the profits generated of the sale went directly to Sea Shepherd.

He developed an enormous sympathy for Paul Watson and Sea Shepherd and met up with Paul Watson for an interview on the Steve Irwin in Tasmania in 2010. That interview was covered in “Tom”.

He has backed up a successful campaign in Belgium “Stop the Brutal Killing of the Taiji Dolphins” that harvested 60.000 signatures within a week time in the start of 2011.

Tom is the ambassador for Sea Shepherd Belgium.

Tom currently lives on a unique river boat (that he totally refurbished himself) in the port of Antwerp, is married and has 2 children. His official website is

Diane Warren

beirat-diane-warrenDiane Warren is considered to be the most prolific and successful contemporary songwriter of our time. A quick glance at her list of Top 10 Hits reveals a range of musical genres and styles so diverse it's difficult to believe the songs could have come from the same person. Yet, they did; and they continue to endlessly pour forth from this songwriter, climbing to the top of the charts.

Diane's songwriting talent began to develop decades ago when she was a youngster growing up in Southern California's San Fernando Valley. "I grew up on Top 40 radio; it's what I was exposed to and what attracted me," she offers. "I loved listening to my older sisters' records, people like Buddy Holly and the Beatles. But, believe it or not, I was more fascinated by the songwriters: Carole King, Lieber and Stoller, Burt Bacharach. Those were my idols," she recalls.

Her parents, however, were divided over her career choice. Diane's mother voiced clear opposition, pointing out the tremendous odds against her in such a competitive field, while her father recognized her potential and offered constant encouragement and support. In fact, it was her insurance-salesman father who bestowed his unexpressed artistic yearnings upon his young daughter. He bought Diane her first guitar when she was only ten years old. By her early teens, he was taking her to meetings with Los Angeles music publishers. But, it would be a while before the rest of the world would hear Diane's music.

A decade or so later, Warren's talent and persistence finally paid off. In 1983, she began working as a staff writer for Jack White, a producer with singer Laura Branigan. White asked Warren to prepare English lyrics for a French song. Twenty-four hours later, she turned in "Solitaire," which became a Top 10 Hit for Branigan in 1983. Three years later, Warren penned "Rhythm of the Night" for DeBarge, which hit #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart and #1 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary Chart. To date, she has had over 100 songs on the charts.

Since the beginning of her career, Warren has written for such legends of song as Elton John, Tina Turner, Barbra Streisand, Aretha Franklin, Patti LaBelle, Roberta Flack, Celine Dion, and Roy Orbison. Recently, artists such as *NSYNC, Gloria Estefan, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Reba McEntire, Whitney Houston, Sugababes, Uncle Cracker, Enrique Iglesias, Aerosmith, Ricky Martin, Faith Hill, Celine Dion, Mary J. Blige, and LeAnn Rimes have graced the charts with her songs. Warren herself agrees that she has tapped this universality of message in her songwriting. "I just love writing a great ballad, something so essential that it reaches across genres. You could almost say the best songs are 'genre-transcendent;' - they translate well into a variety of styles sung by different artists." Artists around the world record Warren's songs, and she has had simultaneous hits in virtually every market. Warner Brothers recently released a compilation of Warren's hits, called "Love Songs." This CD generated #1 songs in most countries in Asia, and charted in the Top 5 in Japan.

Indeed, Warren's songs have transcended genre. Her #1 Adult Contemporary Hit, "If You Asked Me To," has been recorded not only by Celine Dion, but also by R&B diva, Patti LaBelle. Eight different artists, ranging from Tina Turner to Aswad to Ace of Base, have recorded her song, "Don't Turn Around." Her #1 Pop Hit, "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing," performed by Aerosmith for the movie ARMAGEDDON, not only received an Oscar nomination, but simultaneously hit #1 on the Country Charts with a version sung by Mark Chesnutt. Additionally, Diane's song, "How Do I Live," recorded by both Trisha Yearwood and LeAnn Rimes, was not only a #1 Hit that won Yearwood the Grammy for Best Country Vocal Performance, but also carries the distinction of being the longest-running song in the history of Billboard's Hot 100 Chart and Billboard's Country Singles Sales Chart.

Diane's songs are featured in more than 90 motion pictures. Diane has had a #1 International Hit with "Can't Fight the Moonlight," performed by LeAnn Rimes and featured in the film COYOTE UGLY. The song was re-released and became a Top 10 Pop Hit. In fact, Diane penned a total of four songs featured in that film. Diane continues to diversify. She wrote her first television theme for ENTERPRISE, which was also the first theme song for the STAR TREK series. She joined forces with the band, The Cult, who recorded "Painted On My Heart" for the film GONE IN SIXTY SECONDS. A new version of "Rhythm Of The Night" was showcased in Baz Luhrmann's MOULIN ROUGE. PEARL HARBOR featured the Top 10 Hit, "There You'll Be," performed by Faith Hill. With her uncanny ability to create the perfect song for any scene, whether it calls for a love ballad, a rock anthem, or an up-tempo groove, it's no wonder that Diane continues to receive accolades.

For the song, "Because You Loved Me," sung by Celine Dion in the film UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL, Diane received a GRAMMY award, as well as nominations for an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award. Her song, "Music Of My Heart," sung by *NSYNC and Gloria Estefan for the film MUSIC OF THE HEART, was nominated for both a GRAMMY and an Academy Award. The song also won the Critics' Choice Award for Best Song from a Motion Picture. Also nominated for an Academy Award was the song, "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now," for the film MANNEQUIN. Diane also wrote the end title, "We Can," for LEGALLY BLONDE II: RED WHITE AND BLONDE, performed by LeAnn Rimes; "I Decide," performed by Lindsay Lohan for PRINCESS DIARIES 2: ROYAL ENGAGEMENT; and "One In This World," performed by Haylie Duff for the film CINDERELLA STORY starring Hilary Duff. To date, Diane's songs have been nominated for 4 Golden Globes, 6 Academy Awards, and 9 GRAMMYs.

Record producer David Foster, who frequently produces with Warren, points out that it is her tenacity and focus that explain her unprecedented success. "Without a doubt, she's the hardest-working songwriter I've ever known... She just sits there, day after day," he notes, adding, "She's truly an island, and somehow she taps into the masses. The fact that she can do it by herself is extra special. She doesn't seem to need to rely on anybody else."

Diane's massive success as a songwriter has offered her the opportunity to support a number of charitable causes. She founded the David S. Warren Weekly Entertainment Series at the Jewish Home for the Aging, a program she established in memory of her father. She is an honorary committee member of PETA, and is a key donor to many animal rights and rescue groups, including The 10th Life Foundation and the Lange Foundation. Because of her success, ASCAP and VH1 joined forces as part of VH1's "Save The Music" campaign to launch The Diane Warren "Music Of My Heart"/ASCAP Foundation Music Education Project. This project was implemented by the ASCAP Foundation and funded by The Diane Warren Foundation, and provides folios, sheet music, band arrangements, and "method books" to more than 1,000 middle schools across the country.

Diane has been named ASCAP's Songwriter of the Year six times (five times for Pop and one time for Country) and Billboard's Songwriter of the Year four times (one time as Hot Country Songwriter, two times as Hot Singles Songwriter, and 1 time as the #1 Songwriter for Pop and R&B). Diane also received a coveted star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and has been inducted into the Songwriters' Hall of Fame, once again marking her place among the greatest songwriters of our time.

Music mogul, Clive Davis, testifies to her integrity and prolific versatility. Davis, who has relied on Warren for artists such as Toni Braxton, Whitney Houston, and Monica, has a standing appointment with the songwriter when he visits Los Angeles each month. "Diane is able to combine tremendous feel for melody with lyrics that deal with genuine emotions, and she is able to do it time after time," Davis notes.

Singer Trisha Yearwood also has high praise for Warren's tenacity, asserting, "Diane lives and breathes every song. There's this sense of mission about what she's doing. It's not that she has any 'formula' for writing hits; her songwriting is just so intensely personal, it's part of her identity." Yearwood also notes how Warren's total immersion in her work is something she herself can understand. "My relationship to music is one of the most enduring 'relationships' I've ever had, and I know it's the same for Diane. Our music is the one area where we never compromise."

Diane appeared as a judge on the top-rated TV show American Idol, and an entire evening was dedicated to her and her music. The following evening, the show's talent performed the song, "Shine," which Diane had written specifically for American Idol.

Jerry Bruckheimer says, "She will move with whatever happens in the music world. I think she is on the top of her game. She listens to every song that's out there. Where she goes, the public goes."

Perhaps that is one key to understanding Diane's phenomenal success: the woman and her music are one and the same, no compromise.

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